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Who are Cardo?

We love arty and contemporary greeting cards!

We've been in the greeting card publishing industry for more than twenty years which means we've built up a lot of knowledge about the many creative and contemporary greeting card producers out there. We wanted to bring our favourite publishers together under 'one roof' for fellow aficionados of contemporary, arty and design-led greeting cards (hence 'Cardo'!) to enjoy.

But more than this, we also wanted to create a website that was purpose built for greeting cards, a platform that gives the imagery the limelight it deserves. We hope you enjoy browsing :)


We know, it’s an odd tradition in a digital age. Having to actually write something, put it in an envelope and then go find a postbox, like some kinda’ triathlete. Exhausting, right?!

But that is exactly the point. All that extra effort actually means something to the recipient. They know how much you have been through to get that card to them, (heck, it may even have been raining!) which is heartwarming for them and extra kudos for you (and you never know when you might need something!)

But, if you’re gonna go to all that effort, may as well make it a good card…

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Cardo presents a well curated and ever growing homage to the best in the card industry. We select publishers that use the best finishing, have the most creative approach, treat their artists with pride and respect and have faith in their product.

We do not fill our site with ‘print on demand’ designs, where artwork can be uncommitted and throwaway. Instead we offer a higher quality of production and cards featuring artwork that will stand the test of time.

That being said, we are not averse to some silliness and there's nothing funnier than the male anatomy (Shrigley, we’re looking at you!)

So, if you're looking for a card that's worth the effort of sending, you're in the right place.

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